Reset of the actuators (lifts):

1. Connect the power plug 220 Volt
2. Press the down button¹ and put the lift in the lowest position
3. Press the down button¹ for 5 seconds and release the down button
4. Press the down button again for 5 seconds
The lift has go up and down (1cm) when the down button is pressed for 5 seconds
Now the lift(s) are synchronised
5. Press the up button and check if the lifts are going up at the same time (simultaneously)
When the lifts are not going up simultaneously stop immediately and
disconnect power, please contact your installer.

When the actuators (lifts) are not reacting:

1. Disconnect the power plug for 15 minutes

2. Connect the power plug 220 Volt

3. Do the reset again like the discription above

Check if all the cables are not damaged, if they are damaged please contact your installer !!

1. Check if the connectors are connected to the controlbox CBD6
1a. Check if the motorcables are connected (2 pieces)?
1b. Check if the control panel (up-down button) is connected (RJ45)?
1c. Check if the power cable 220 Volt is connected?